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Bring Me Home - Cassia Leo 4.5... We'll Be Counting Stars

“Love is not black and white. It’s not even gray. Love is every shade of color in the spectrum, changing with every ray of light given and stolen.”

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This is the third and final book in the series. It continues on from where Pieces Of You left off. Claire is taking some time to think and process everything that has happened in the last year. Both guys were so sweet and supportive of Claire....but halfway thru this book she did pick one guy and let the other one go....and I just wanted to clarify there is no love triangle....just a girl trying to figure out where her heart belongs??? I'm very happy with who she chose *wink*
I really enjoyed this book series and it does have a HEA.

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Lately, I've been, I've been losing sleep
Dreaming about the things that we could be
But baby, I've been, I've been praying hard,
Said no more counting dollars
We'll be counting stars, yeah we'll be counting stars

I see this life like a swinging vine
Swing my heart across the line
In my face is flashing signs
Seek it out and ye shall find
Oh, but I'm not that old
Young, but I'm not that bold
I don't think the world is sold
I'm just doing what we're told
I feel something so right
Doing the wrong thing
I feel something so wrong
Doing the right thing
I couldn't lie, couldn't lie, couldn't lie
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive

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“It’s not our mistakes that define us. It’s the lessons we learn that show our true character.”

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"Sometimes you forget how much you love someone, until you realize their smile is like a spotlight shined on your heart.”

“You never know you're making a mistake until it's too late. Sometimes we know we're taking a risk, but we always hope for the best. We hope that our mistakes will be forgiven, or at least forgotten. We hope that our mistakes will teach us something. Sometimes, unfortunately, mistakes are just mistakes that can't be undone or forgotten.”

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There are moments in life, and they happen so infrequently that they tend to really stand out, when life hands you the gift of perspective. Sometimes, we forget to show our appreciation. Sometimes, we get our priorities mixed up. And, sometimes, we forget how far we’ve come. But life always has a way of nudging you to remind you about these important things.”

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“Where we LOVE is home”

**BR with my bestie Jxxx...thanks for reading this series with me! Muah xo