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Entice (Exquisite, #2) - Ella Frank 4.5 stars for Delicious Daniels

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“You have a body that’s made to pound a woman into her bed. So, I’m really hoping you can live up to that.”


This is the second book in the Exquisite series. This one is about construction businesss owner Josh(Delicious Daniels) and doctor Shelly(Man-Eater Monroe). Josh is the BFF of Mason and Shelly is the BFF of Lena..they were in the first book, remember?? Josh just moved back to Chicago, and meets Shelly at the weekly Monday night dinner at Exquisite. They are instantly attracted to the other, but they only want a "fling". One thing leads to another, and well they start to fall for each other. They have both been hurt in the past....and need to just give it a chance. I loved this book....now on to the last book in the series...... Edible.

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"I'm horny, not happy. You're so fucking sexy that all the blood in my body is in my cock. But already know that because you keep aiming your eyes down there to check."

“Why on earth had I agreed to this? Oh, that's right. He suckered me into it with his manipulating words and those damn dimples.”

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"Take a chance, Shel. I'm not going to hurt you, use you, or take any part of you for granted."

"I want to take off all your clothes, lay you down here in the morning sun, and love you from your head to your toes."

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"I want you, I want you in me, over me, all around me. NOW"

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This was when Shelly was being an idiot....she came to her senses finally...who could walk away from Josh?? I mean seriously...
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"You were never just a fling." You were a game changer."

I'm so lost in you, Georgia. I don't even know where you end, and I begin. You feel so fucking amazing. I want to stay here forever." So ENTICING

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