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Pulse (Collide, #2) - Gail McHugh 4 HUGE Mr.Schmexy stars

It's been 6 months, 25 weeks, 181 days, 4344 hours, 260,640 minutes, 15,638,400 seconds of waiting for Pulse to come out....

How i was feeling at the end of Collide....
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This is the second and final book in the Collide series. I have to be honest....i was completely devasted at the end of Collide. I had no idea it had a cliffhanger...these books need to come with a huge warning label to let us know. So, the 6 months was tough, but definitely worth the wait. In case you don't know...this is the story of Mr. Schmexy Gavin and Emily. Gavin was PERFECT, HOT, AMAZING, SWEET, LOVING...need i say more? I'm so, so, so HAPPY with the ending and if you like angst, love triangles, alpha males, and happily ever afters, then i recommend you read this series!! If anything else, you will fall head over heels for Mr. Gavin Blake...win/win lol

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“I don't take checks, but I do accept most forms of foreplay and sex as payment.”
OMG....I love you Gavin Blake!!!

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“The thought of not seeing your eyes when I wake up, or not hearing your heart next to me while you are asleep made me sick. With all of that, I decided no, I can't go another day without you. I don't want to go another day without you”

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“I can’t promise you it’ll always be sweet and tender because you and I fight hard. But I’m pretty sure it won’t be a horror ride either because you and I love even harder. What I can promise is you’ll always mean more to me than my next breath, and it’ll always be you in my life. No one else.”

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"I didn't know you cooked. You keep getting sexier and sexier."
Yummy Gavin :))

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"You're all I SEE. All I HEAR. All I DREAM about. I CAME here for you. I'm NOT leaving. I'm not GOING anywhere. It's YOU, Gavin. ONLY you."

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“Fate and the roads that get placed in front of us. It’s like one huge puzzle that ultimately fits in the end.”

“The good, the bad, the in between. It’s ours. We own it.”

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Come from way above

To bring me love

Her eyes

She's on the dark side


Every man in sight

Love you, love you, love you

Love you, love you, love you

Love you, love you, love you

You are my angel

Come from way above

Love you, love you, love you

Love you, love you, love you

Love you, love you, love you


You're my WORLD. My LIFE. The AIR I fucking breathe. I can't BELIEVE you're going to be MINE forever"

This is how i'm feeling right now....
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*BR with the Pinks and the sweet and fabulous......ANNA-baby :))