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Knight & Play (Knight, #1) - Kitty French ^^^^^ 4 Mr. Devastatingly Sexy stars^^^^^

"Come on in, Ms. Black. I won't bite."
"...unless you want me to?"

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Lucien Knight, CEO of Knight Enterprises and drop dead gorgeous, is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it, that is until he meets shy, girl next door Sophie Black. Sophie is Lucien's new assistant. Within days, the sexual tension grows and Lucien shows Sophie a whole new pleasure packed world without limits. How far will Sophie go? There's just one little problem.....she's married.
however, her husband is a lying, cheating, douchebag

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"He was tall, definitely, but with dirty blonde hair and flint blue eyes."

~He was a feast and she gorged on him~

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"Suck my cock, Sophie. Slide your gorgeous mouth all the way over it."

~He was strong, and giving, and so mind-numbingly sexy~

"Thrust. Stroke. Rub. Thrust. Stroke. Rub."

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"You. Are. Fucking. Amazing"

"Open your eyes, Princess."

P...she shuddered
R...she arched
I...she moaned
N...she gasped his name
E...she came
S...and came
S...and she came

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"You are fucking beautiful, Sophie Black, and you need someone to remind you of it."

"How exactly was this supposed to end then, Lucien?"
"I figured I could screw you happy, I guess."

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***WARNING this ends with a cliffhanger, so please have Knight and Stay nearby or you will go mad**

~~BR with Mistress D & Temptress Jxxx :)